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Customized Egg Carton Making Machine Stainless Steel Material 380V 

Customized Egg Carton Making Machine Stainless Steel Material 380V 

    • Customized Egg Carton Making Machine Stainless Steel Material 380V 
    • Customized Egg Carton Making Machine Stainless Steel Material 380V 
    • Customized Egg Carton Making Machine Stainless Steel Material 380V 
    • Customized Egg Carton Making Machine Stainless Steel Material 380V 
  • Customized Egg Carton Making Machine Stainless Steel Material 380V 

    Product Details:

    Place of Origin: Shandong,China
    Brand Name: HONGRUN
    Certification: CE & ISO9001
    Model Number: HRZ

    Payment & Shipping Terms:

    Minimum Order Quantity: 1set
    Price: USD 20000-300000 / SET
    Packaging Details: Export Standard Packaging
    Delivery Time: 60-90 days
    Payment Terms: L/C, T/T, Western Union
    Supply Ability: 100 sets per year
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    Detailed Product Description
    Voltage: 380V Power: 200 - 400 KW
    Material: Stainless Steel Automation: Full-auto
    Driven: Frequency Converter Application: Tray Of Eggs

    Customized egg carton making machine , making egg trays as customer design


    This production line mainly used for the products with simple structure but in big quantity, such as egg

    trays, fruit trays, cup carriers and disposable medical care products.


    There are many types and production capacity can be supply .Such as 800-1000pcs / 2000pcs / 2500pcs

    /3000pcs /4000pcs /4500pcs /5500pcs per hour . Just tell me what capacity you want , will be design best

    production scheme for you. we will supply all-round service for inquirying, pricing, technique teaching,

    installation and maintenance.


    Egg tray making machine is a kind of environmental protection equipment. It can make egg box, paper egg tay, fruit tray, industrial tray and so on. The material is waste paper, which can help you save cost. We own vast experience in this line and will not let you down. Hope that we can be good partners later.

    Paper Egg Tray Machine used for the making the molded pulp products,such as egg tray,egg carton/box from waste paper.

    DEYI egg tray machines are designed to to produce egg trays and types of pulp cushions with waste paper.

    The whole production line include pulp making system + egg tray molding system + egg tray drying system + egg tray packing system.

    The raw material use general waste paper, like old book, only newspaper.

    The Molding machine part is 8 faces rotating drum, each surface has 3 ,4 or 6 moulds. So there are 24,32,48 moulds and other have 3,4 ,6 transfer moulds. The moulds material can use plastic or aluminous depend on buyer's request.

    The drying line we can make single layer or multi layer depend on buyer's request.

    Our Machine have CE certification issued, Guarantee quality .

    The Egg Tray Machine exported to many different country and enjoy great reputation

    The equipments equiped in this production line are supposed to the production of 30-cell egg trays.If the users plan to produce egg cartons, cup carriers or fruit trays etc. They should add the hot pressing, labeling or printing equipment and other auxiliary equipments. The occuppation area, total power and workforce will be increased accordingly.


    Brife Introduction of used paper egg tray making machine

    Egg tray machine uses waste paper as raw materials to produce different kinds of products according to your requirements, such as egg trays, egg cartons, egg boxes, apple trays,

    fruit trays, industrial trays, seeding trays etc. Our machine include pulp making system ,forming system and drying system.

    Feature of used paper egg tray making machine1. The pulp egg tray molding system has only one face, one molding plate, and one transfer plate. Each plate

    can be provided with dies for an egg tray capacity of 30 eggs.
    2. Thisegg tray machine is designed with a vacuum automatic drainage system and automatic die wash system. The pulp molder produces wet pulp egg trays in the first step. The trays will then automatically be delivered to the drying system. Dried products will be automatically stacked, packaged and put into storage.
    3. The PLC control system ensures an easy, quick, and safe operation.


    - Established in 2000, we are one of the earliest manufacturerfor Pulp Molding Products in China;


    - Combined with high and new technology from the paper-making science majored professors of famous South China University of Technology,with over 30 R&D personnel, we are the most reliable choice to ensure superb performance in a long term;


    - we offers the widest range of both equipment/machine types and platen/tooling sizes, as wellas the comprehensive molds per platen, which meets almost all kinds of needs;


    - our factory covers an area of 24,000 square meters, contributing to more than 60% of the domestic demands, already exported to over 40 countries and regions;


    - Excellent engineers, sales and after sales service team brings the best service to ensure long-term satisfaction for our customers.


    Egg carton making machine is becoming popular among users today. It is because the machine can help you achieve the environmental friendly objective. Both small and big companies are currently making use of paper egg carton making machine. It means that the machine is trendy and can withstand the test of times. With the help of the raw materials of water and waste paper, it will be possible to make use of the machine. The production process of the machine includes pulping, mold forming and drying. The machine also have another name – egg tray machinery. Change the mould, you can make egg tray, egg carton, fruit tray, bottle tray and so on.


    This machine is controlled highly automation, easily learned, convenient services, and can widely use in different business. It can produce egg carton, egg box, egg tray, bottle tray, agricultural train seeding cup, industrial production packing. The equipment is best-selling nation and is sold abroad.


    Pulping system

    Put the waste paper to pulper to make pulp, after some support equipments and 3 pulp pools, the pulp concentration will become 0.8%-1%.


    Forming system

    Forming machine and the support equipments make the pulp become the egg tray.



    Raw Material


    Pulp Board

    Different pulp made by bulrush, straw, bagasse, bamboo, wood etc.


    Waste Paper

    Such as paper board, carton, newspaper, waste pulp in paper making factory.


    Plant Fibre

    Fibre of palm, straw, sugarcane etc.


    1. Pulping machine

    Hydrapulper,Pulp pump,Waste water pump,Air compressor,agitator


    2. Forming section

    Semi-auto egg trayforming machine,Mould,Vacuum pump,Washing pump


    3 Drying System

    There are 2 kinds of drying system. One is Metal drying, the other is the kiln drying. The conveyor plate can be one layer and multi-layer, direct combustion hot air circulation. Using the imported or joint venture brand burner (domestic uses the stove bar), equipped with an automatic control cabinet.


    Our pulp molding machinery factory is a large enterprise which specializes in producing of various kinds of paper pulp molding products and equipments. With the professional engineers and skillful staffs, we have researched and developed many kinds of paper egg tray machines. The innovation of every time can make the paper egg tray plant more perfect and more efficiency. The egg tray making machine price of our company is more reasonable and more competitive at the market of recycling waster paper egg tray machine. Because we set the price according to the cost of egg tray machine. The productivity of our quail egg tray making machine is different from 1000 to 7000pieces output per hour. When you need to produce a large amount of egg tray from waste paper, you can choose the used paper egg tray making machine which has the mould quantity of 48units. You also can choose the small egg tray machine because of the small productivity. We would like to design and adjust the egg tray machines for sale to meet your special requirements. Meanwhile, we provide perfect after-sales service for the egg tray making machine for sale. Our egg tray machine buyer comes from all over the world. Our mini egg tray machine also has a good reputation worldwide. The reasonable price of egg tray machine is waiting for you. If you need paper eggs tray machine, just contact us! We will answer you as soon as possible.


    Our pulp molding machinery factory is a large enterprise which has established for many years. The enterprise is a company integrating research and development, manufacture, sales and services. It has the mature skill and abundant experience in producing making machine egg tray carton. The equipments of our company enjoy a good reputation all over the world and are sold to many countries, such as Algeria, Egypt, Russia, Ukraine, Australia, Argentina, Brazil, Saudi Arabia, Libya, Syria etc. Contact us ! Don’t miss the chance of promoting the production efficiency of your company.


    Our box egg tray making machine can produce egg tray from 1000 to 7500 pieces output per hour. We have different models for egg carton machine, such as the molds of 12 units, 16 unites, 32 unites, 40 unites, 48 unites. You can choose the appropriate equipment according to your productivity. The dryers include drying in the sun (below 1000pieces), semi-automatic dryer, automatic dryer and the metal dryer.


    To achieve the environmental friendly goal, many enterprises have began to use paper egg carton. So egg carton machine complies with the trend of times. The egg carton making machine uses the raw material of waste paper and water to produce paper egg carton. The egg carton manufacturing process is raw materials pulping – ingredients – mold forming – drying –packing. The additive is pigment which you can use to produce all colors of egg cartons. Another kind of additive is glue which has the anti-water function. When you use the additives, you should add the appropriate amount. The paper egg carton making machine can not only produce egg carton but also produce apple carton, shoe carton, strawberry carton, etc.



    We are offering paper pulp egg tray making machine. Product description
    1, about this type
    place of origin: longkou city,shandong province,China voltage: 380v
    process type: pulping mold fuel: lpg,natural gas or diesel oil
    output products: egg traycarton, fruit tray,coffee tray and some other industrial packages

    2, main equipment and specification
    system equipment description
    pulping system conveyor 3kw,width:1000mm length: 7100mm
    hydrapulper 3m³,55kw
    vibration screen 1.8 m², 4kw
    agitator 3kw,mixing diameter :1600mm
    concentration meter the concentration range is 0.5% --- 6.0%
    forming system rotary forming machine 8 forming platens,a transferring platen,each platen can place 4 molds, totally can hold 36 molds
    automatic drain system 7.5kw,include including air-water separation tank,auto drain tank and so on
    drying system multi-drying line 30kw,outline dimension: 14000x2120x1700mm
    control system for main machine plc,touch screen to control
    stacking system stacker meanwhile height limit pressor to put trays in good order
    remark mold forming platens are made by stainless steel while mold made by aluminium

    3, auxiliary equipments
    except the main equipment that referred above, there are some other equipment necessary for a total line, customers can choose to buy it themselves or from our side.such as the stock pump, high pressure water pump,water-ring pump,air compressor,fliter,air storage tank, refrigerated air dryer and so on.there small equipment comparised to main equipment and can be easily found somewhere.

    • capacity : 4000pcs/h
    • forming type : rotary
    • drying line : multi-layer
    • automation : fully-automation
    • raw material : waste paper/box/newspaper

    1. Eco-friendly

    Using recycled paper as the raw materials which reduces the pressure to environment and plant. As we all know, the paper is made from wood. It is an eco-friendly way to use the waste paper as the raw material to make egg trays.


    2. Turn Waste to Money

    The raw material of the egg trays is waste paper. We fully take the advantage of the waste paper. We turn them to the way of earning money. If you just have a lot of waste paper, the project of paper tray making machine is worthy of investing. Either you’re going to take action and seize the new opportunity or someone else will. Don’t hesitant.


    3. Long Service Life

    The semi automatic egg tray machine of our factory adopts the anticorrosive material. And, the every part of the machine has been tested to make sure their quality and the normal operation of the machine. So, our machine can service you for a long time.


    The semi automatic paper egg tray making machine can make the waste paper turn into money. The egg trays are made of waste paper, such as newspapers, waste cartons, magazines. Our machine is just to make egg trays, fruit trays. This type of the machine can produce 2000 pcs, 3000pcs, 4000 pcs, 5000 pcs one hour.


    Commonly, the semi automatic paper egg tray machine consists of three system: pulping system, forming system and drying system. Compared with the fully automatic egg tray making machine, the semi machine doesn’t have automatic egg tray drying line. The worker should convey the wet semi-finished products to drying area with a cart. So, the machine needs more labors. Certainly, the cost of semi automatic egg tray making machine is lower than automatic type machine. From these, we know that the semi machine is fit for medium and big scale factory.


    Pulp System
    The recycled paper like newsprint or corrugated carton will be used into the pulper. The machine will beat and smash recycled paper to a certain pulp consistency. Then, pulp from pulper will directly go the pulp adjusting tank. Then the pulp is adjusted to ready pulp consistency.
    Forming System
    There will be forming tools in forming system, which contains transfer tools and wire mesh. Wet products can be formed by using vacuum system. The formed wet products can be transferred to the transfer tools by using compressed air effect.
    Dryer of fully automatic paper egg tray machine has two types, single layer dryer and multi-layer dryer. The dryer is brick and metal egg tray drying line. Wet products should go through dryer tunnel. On the other hand, the dried products should be counted and stacked at the end of the dryer. You can select fuel as per your convenience. It can be diesel, or natural gas.
    The automatic machine also has another name- rotary egg tray making machine. Because it is a machine of rotary running. We are the best one of the egg tray making machine suppliers. We can customize the egg tray machine according to your demand. With our machine, you will earn a lot of money. Don’t hesitate to contact us, we will answer you as soon as possible.
    Paper egg tray is often considered a sustainable packaging material. It is produced from recycled materials, and can be recycled again after its useful life-cycle. With the wide application of paper egg trays, the paper egg tray making machine is becoming the hot sales machine on the markets. The automatic egg tray machine has fully automatic production process. The unique characteristic of the automatic machine is that it has automatic egg tray dryer. With this kind of machine, you can dry the semi-finished wet egg trays automatically.
    Pulp molding products are a kind of new packing material. This is a new buzz in recent years. Pulp molding is the process of using raw material pulping ingredients and mold forming drying packing. Pulp molding machinery is a type of environmentally friendly equipment that mixes waste paper and water as raw material. The pulp moulding machine cost is low and you don’t need to speed too much money. The pulp molding machines have great develop prospect on the market.
    The major equipment of the machine are three parts include: Pulp Making System, Molding System, Drying system and packing system.
    Pulp Making System
    Hydraulic, Pulp Pump, Pulp Screen Machine, Pulp Breaking Machine, Stirrer and so on.
    Moulding System
    Rotary Type Molding Machine, Vacuum Pump, Air Compressor, Vacuum Tank, Water Pump and so on..
    Drying System
    Bellows, Air Blower, Conveyer
    Packaging Machine
    High quality of pulp molding machine for paper trays could design according to the customer’ requirement.
    For pulp molded 30-cell egg trays : first the worker will weight the raw material and put them into the conveyor. Then the pulping ,forming, drying and stacking will be finished automatically. After drying, the finished products will be packed by workers.
    A hot pressing section should be added in the production of pulp molded egg box/carton(6-cell,10-cell,12-cell,6+6-cell,15-cell),fruit tray and cup carrier after drying because of shrinking.
    The egg box/carton can be labelled or printed after hot pressing. These processes could be finsihed manually or automatically.
    We can offer other model egg tray machine as following:

    Model Capacity Forming machine Drying system Workshop spcae Rated power
    HRZ-1500S 1500pcs/hr 3molds *4faces
    Rotary type
    Single-Layer Metal 35m*10m*6m 130KW
    HRZ-1500M 1500pcs/hr 3molds *4faces
    Rotary type
    6 Layers
    25m*10m*6m 120KW
    HRZ-2000S 2000pcs/hr 4molds *4faces
    Rotary type
    Single-Layer Metal 40m*10m*6m 165KW
    HRZ-2000M 2000pcs/hr 4molds *4faces
    Rotary type
    6 Layers
    25m*10m*6m 145KW
    HRZ-3000S 3000pcs/hr 3molds *8faces
    Rotary type
    Single-Layer Metal 45m*10m*6m 209KW
    HRZ-3000M 3000pcs/hr 3molds *8faces
    Rotary type
    6 Layers
    30m*10m*6m 189KW
    HRZ-4000S 4000pcs/hr 4molds *8faces
    Rotary type
    Single-Layer Metal 55m*10m*6m 239KW
    HRZ-4000M 4000pcs/hr 4molds *8faces
    Rotary type
    6 Layers
    30m*10m*6m 223KW
    HRZ-5000S 5000pcs/hr 5molds *8faces
    Rotary type
    Single-Layer Metal 70m*15m*6m 298KW
    HRZ-5000M 5000pcs/hr 5molds *8faces
    Rotary type
    6 Layers
    35m*15m*6m 273KW
    HRZ-6000S 6000pcs/hr 6molds *8faces
    Rotary type
    Single-Layer Metal 80m*15m*6m 365KW
    HRZ-6000M 6000pcs/hr 6molds *8faces
    Rotary type
    6 Layers
    37m*15m*6m 326KW
    HRD-8000M 8000pcs/hr 4*8 & 4*8
    6 Layers
    40m*15m*8m 368KW
    HRD-12000M 12000pcs/hr 5*8 & 5*8
    6 Layers
    42m*15m*8m 428KW

    Finished products
    Customized Egg Carton Making Machine Stainless Steel Material 380V 
    Customized Egg Carton Making Machine Stainless Steel Material 380V 

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